Business Owners

Create and maintain a healthy  work environment by providing meaningful benefits to you and your staff.

Attract and Retain Employees by offering affordable incentive plans:

  • A long term care plan(s) designed to pick up where major medical benefits leave off where the cost is shared by both employer and employee.
  • A retirement plan(s) where plan participants have a variety of investment options, some sort of match is involved and there is ease of access to monitoring their investment choices
  • A base amount of life insurance coverage with the option for participants to purchase more.
  • Key Person Insurance – Used to provide capital to incentivize and/or train a new employee (replacement). Helps your business keep its competitive edge.

Other services:

  • Insurance Billing and administrative services for medical and dental offices.
  • HR consulting on employee attraction and retention programs.

Watch our tutorial videos to help you and your employees plan for the future. You may also go to “individual” section to view the videos.